Hello hello, I'm Sarah Asip. I am a systems designer and strategist living in Brooklyn.

I am skilled with auditing and improving existing systems and developing new ones, always with the intent of making the complex as simple and clear as possible. 

Design is my second career, having been a paralegal focused on research and writing for the first half of my twenties. Since completing a graduate design program in 2017, I’ve been working at Language Dept. where I’ve learned how valuable collaboration and diversity of perspectives is to successful design and problem solving. 

With my legal background and a BA in Philosophy and Political Science, I take a research-centered approach to strategy and design, and enjoy how much curiosity, questioning, and listening are required in my work as a designer. I have a passion for system design, product design, brand and content strategy, narrative storytelling, typographic systems, and clarity in information design. I am interested in how design can create or participate in dialogue, something I find essential to personal and cultural growth.

I can be reached by email at saasip@gmail.com and you can find my resume here.

Also, I read a lot. I'm always reading a few books at a time and love how books on subjects entirely unrelated to design provide inspiration and expand my thinking. Some of my favorite design books, however, are pictured here. 

The design books I continuously return to for inspiration: "Design Language - Tom McCreight, "Ways of Seeing" - John Berger, "The Power of Myth" - Joseph Campbell, "The Elements of Typographic Style" - Robert Bringhurst, "From Lascaux to Brooklyn" - Paul Rand, "Design Form and Chaos" - Paul Rand, "Photo Design" - Harald Mante, "Grid Systems in Graphic Design" - Josef Muller-Brockmann.  

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