Hello hello, I'm Sarah Asip. I am a graphic designer living in Brooklyn and working for Language Dept. 

The pursuit of understanding is the backdrop to which I approach design and life. I ask a lot of questions, listen carefully, and find value in not always knowing the answer. With a BA in Philosophy and Political Science, several years of experience working as a paralegal, and a background in photography, I graduated design school in September 2017 with a unique perspective and set of skills. I am interested in how design can create or participate in dialogue, something I find essential to personal and cultural growth.

I can be reached by email at saasip@gmail.com and you can find my resume here

Also, I read a lot. I'm always reading a few books at a time and love how books on subjects entirely unrelated to design provide inspiration and expand my thinking. Some of my favorite design books, however, are pictured below. 

The design books I continuously return to for inspiration: "Design Language - Tom McCreight, "Ways of Seeing" - John Berger, "The Power of Myth" - Joseph Campbell, "The Elements of Typographic Style" - Robert Bringhurst, "From Lascaux to Brooklyn" - Paul Rand, "Design Form and Chaos" - Paul Rand, "Photo Design" - Harald Mante, "Grid Systems in Graphic Design" - Josef Muller-Brockmann.  

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