Malala Fund 21-22 Annual Report | Content Strategy, UX/UI, Systems Design

Malala Fund works to break down the barriers keeping 130 million girls out of school. As an organization, they advocate for policies that will help more girls learn, invest in educations activists across the world, and amplify the voices of young women who are fighting for their future. For two consecutive years, Language Dept.'s design of Malala Fund’s Annual Report microsites has showcased stories of progress and celebrated the impact made against the continued backdrop of conflict and environmental disasters. Our priority for content strategy and design was to break down and group information in a way that was as clear and digestible as possible while communicating the complexity of the girls' education crises. Whether audiences read from cover to cover, or drop into a specific topic or country of interest, progressive loading animations, bold colors, celebrated images, and deconstructed identity elements create a memorable narrative experience.

Design: Language Dept.
Development: Codezone

Featured in Communication Arts' Webpicks! Read the interview here.​​​​​​​
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