This project is as simple as it sounds: a collection of hearts drawn by men. In 2015, I started asking men (strangers, friends, uncles, ex-boyfriends, etc.) to draw a heart and sign their name under it. I used the first 16 hearts to make a pocket-sized pink book for a class project, but the experiment didn't end there. I've been touched by how many men have obliged without question. Some of the most adorable hearts seen here belong to the most macho and serious of men. And I find that the humanity in these hand-drawn hearts is inspiring. More than anything, I've found that this project has fed my curiosity into how men communicate simple vulnerability. But it also seems to hint at our genetic connections to each other: two brothers who draw hearts similarly; an uncle and nephew who look alike and also draw nearly identical hearts.

If you'd like to submit your heart to me, send it to my email listed on my about page. 
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