This project is as simple as it sounds: a collection of hearts drawn by men. In 2015, I started asking men (strangers, friends, uncles, ex-boyfriends, etc.) to draw a heart and sign their name under it. I used the first 16 hearts to make a tiny pink book for a class project, but the experiment didn't end there. I've been touched by how many men have willingly obliged without question. Some of the most adorable hearts here belong to the most macho and serious of men. And the humanity! The humanity in these tiny little hearts is amazing. More than anything, I've found that this project has fed my curiosity. How two brothers draw hearts similarly (duh, kinda) but then also how two relatives (an uncle and much younger nephew) who look and act similarly drew almost identical hearts?! Very cool.

This project/experiment/whatever you want to call it is a work in progress. There is more to come... a website, instagram account, infographic, tissue paper?!? wallpaper! the possibilities are endless.

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