Nabokov | Book Design

A curated collection of five Vladimir Nabokov short stories written between 1923-1927, a time that followed Nabokov’s exile from Russia, the accidental murder of his father, and an abrupt end to his engagement. Reeling from a loss of place, family, and love, these five stories explore how memory and nostalgia shape the present. The combination of type and image throughout the book reflects Nabokov’s fascination with the interplay between reality and fantasy. He explores the depths of human consciousness while simultaneously describing the details of a furnished room or the way the sunlight lands on a bench. Uta Barth’s photography, which artfully capture daily life’s fleeting beauty, paired with Nabokov’s words, visually capture his style of using observation of the outer world to interpret the complicated inner workings of one’s mind. 

Pagination of one of the five short stories in Nabokov

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