Splendid Spoon | UX and Brand Strategy, Product Design, UI/UX, Content Strategy

In 2021, we completely overhauled Splendid Spoon's logged-in experience to prioritize clarity of time-sensitive tasks and flexibility in ordering at each point in the customer journey. Splendid Spoon's mission to customers cultivate healthy habits by providing delicious plant-based, ready-to-eat meal in a flexible manner is most unique in its grounding in a sense of abundance and nourishment as opposed to scarcity and restriction. Through auditing their prior digital experience as well as their brand visual language and micro copy, we refined and evolved their brand, making way for a new logged-in experience that is reflective of Splendid Spoon's values of taste, convenience, healthy. 

More coming soon!​​​​​​​

New dashboard that prioritizes most important, time-sensitive actions upfront

Mobile 'edit box' view, PDP, and cart

Manage deliveries with upsell that is as informative for the user as it is inviting to add more to their plan

Clear and consistent microcopy throughout the logged-in experience became an integral part of our design system. Our UX writer, Kristen Mirenda, developed copy for the 15+ potential states that a user may see upon logging into their account, whether a first time customer, a returning customer, a deactivated customer, etc. 

UX writer: Kristen Mirenda

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